Cora H. Roth

Artist Statement

New York, where I grew up, profoundly imprinted its structure of horizontals, verticals, and grids, its dazzling lights, and its frenetic energy upon my earliest visual memories. They have remained ubiquitous in the work, along with the influences of musical training, which defined my need for rhythm and harmonious color.

Light has been particularly important, as has my search for a calm refuge from urban chaos, which finds expression in my white paintings and light series.

Although the content evolves, the paintings maintain characteristic elements of rhythmic repetition, thickly applied paint, closely valued color, interest in light, and textured surfaces. The earliest work of horizontal of vertical stripes slowly developed into grids that were followed by the more dynamic wave paintings.

Trapezoid wall sculptures, stimulated by a recurrent waterfall dream overtook the painting for a number of years, ultimately producing the “Angel in the House” series.

Through painting I hope to crystallize dreams, feelings, and life experiences into a visual materiality, conveying a clear, unified, yet enigmatic presence for the viewer to personally and individually incorporate and interpret.